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kindle gift card in a boxThe  kindle books gift card, what are they and how to order them:

Introduction to kindle:

Amazon Kindle e-readers are among the most popular items available on Amazon and are the favourite gadget of reading lovers.

The are many models, but that is other article that you could read here.

The giant Amazon has released  a am application that allows you to receive and read Kindle books on your desktop, laptop, Mac or iPhone. Kindle content cannot be given directly as a gift because a Kindle Licence Agreement and Terms of Use.

However, you could still give Kindle ebooks using an Amazon gift card, or a promotional certificate.

What is a kindle books gift card?

This type of gift card is made and sell by Amazon, they sell differenttypes of gift cards but this one is related to books and is there for book lovers especially.

Where can I buy a kindle gift card for books?

You can buy them from amazon kindle store, and they can be personalized as you want.

Can a kindle books card be used for buying something else?

Yes, you can buy anything from Amazon with that card or you could put the money towards a more expensive item if you want.

How to buy a kindle gift card for books?

  •  First you have go to the amazon kindle store shop  there you will choose the type of card a the money you want to send. there are many ways on how to buy it and what to select first, here a will show step by step the sympliest way.
  • Them you choose how to send it: By email, in a greeting card, by facebook.
  • them you choose the quantity or money you want to give.
  • Them you can personalize that card.
  • And finally you choose who you send the card to.

Below you can see the screen shot of the amazon page on how to order:


kindle gift cards for books

Hope you enjoy the article and your friend will enjoy the gift card!


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